Benefits and Problems with Solar Panels for Your Apartment

Solar panels are popping up on apartment buildings all over the world. This is because people who live in apartments are starting to realize that they can save money by using solar energy.

Solar panels do not create any noise or pollution. The waste product from solar panels is recyclable, making them a very eco-friendly source of energy.

This means that so if you live in an apartment with a small balcony or even no balcony at all, solar power could be a great option to generate electricity.

Solar panels for an apartment are a great choice whether you’re renting or not.

Can I Get Solar Panels for My Apartment?

This is a question that apartment owners and renters alike have been asking for years. The answer will depend on the specific apartment building, as well as whether or not you own your apartment unit.

There are many benefits to solar panels for your apartment, but there may also be problems with having them installed in an apartment complex.  

It’s important to know the benefits and problems before making a decision.

If you’re renting, solar panels for apartment units can be very beneficial in providing savings on your electric bill each month.

If you own an apartment unit, they also provide great returns over time with tax incentives and rebates from local power companies that support them as well.

Having solar panels installed also provides support for the environment, helping to lower your carbon footprint each day you use them as well.

The apartment complex where you live may have building regulations that prevent the installation of this type of technology or if they do not allow modifications in general.

Solar panels are installed on the roof of an apartment building.
Solar panels can be installed on the roof of your apartment building.

If you own your apartment unit, there are no such limitations and the only thing that might hold back installation is local power companies. You will need to check with them before having solar panels installed if they have any policies against adding new technology like this in apartment complexes.

Apartment complex owners may require apartment renters to get permission before making any changes, especially ones that are expensive like solar panel installations.

When finding out about the installation of new technology, apartment complex managers might also want to charge added fees for your apartment unit in order to cover costs associated with adding them or covering losses on energy savings.

The apartment complex rules and regulations as well as power company policies can make solar panels for apartment units difficult to install, but they are a great choice either way whether you’re renting or not.

If you own your apartment unit, then having them installed will provide long-term benefits and savings over time that outweigh any added fees apartment complex apartment managers might ask for.

How Can I Install Solar Panels in My Apartment?

As apartment dwellers, we often miss out on the benefits of owning a solar panel system. For those who rent or own homes without roof access, purchasing and maintaining your very own solar energy panels might seem like an impossible dream because you can’t install them yourself. But there is a workaround.

  • To begin, you’ll need permission from management or the homeowners association.
  • After receiving permission, purchase or lease solar panels.
  • Install the solar panels. We recommend hiring a contractor.
  • Then you’ll need to connect the solar panels to a power inverter in order to use the energy that is being generated.

Depending on where you live and how big of a system is needed, it can take anywhere from two weeks to three months before everything is up and running properly after the installation has been completed.

There are some apartment communities that offer solar panel installations for their residents, so it might be worth checking out what’s available in your area.

Can I Put Solar Panels on My Balcony?

An easier way to get solar panels when living in an apartment is to put solar panels on your balcony.

These can be as simple as a retractable solar panel that you attach to the railing of your apartment’s balcony. Window solar panels are also an option for apartment dwellers.

However, there are some problems with putting solar panels outside of an apartment complex building. These include:

  • Apartment buildings often have rules against anything that takes up space (such as solar panels).
  • Your apartment complex may charge an installation fee for putting solar panels on the apartment’s property.
  • Apartment building owners will not be able to benefit from any extra electricity generated by these solar power options, without paying a monthly or yearly fee.
Solar panels installed on the outside of apartment window.
Solar panels can be installed on your apartment window.

There are also a lot of benefits to having solar panels on your balcony or in the windows of an apartment. These include:

  • Solar panels on the balcony or windows of an apartment can help lower electricity bills.
  • Apartment-dwellers will also save money on installation costs for solar panels as these are generally smaller installations.
  • They also offer tax breaks and credits in many areas where state or federal government incentives are offered (although these vary by location).

To start the process check with your apartment building to see if there are any rules about putting solar panels on your balcony.

If you get approval from management then talk to a local contractor who can tell you whether or not your apartment’s balcony can support the weight of solar panels.

If you have a window that gets enough sunlight, then consider investing in solar panels for your windows. Our post about if solar panels need direct sunlight to work is really interesting. The answer may surprise you!

There are many options available to help lower your electricity bills and save money on installation costs as well.

How Many Solar Panels Are Needed to Power an Apartment?

The number of solar panels needed to power an average apartment is about 16 to 20 panels. This number is based on the assumption that an average-sized apartment uses about 60 kWh of electricity per month, which would require a solar system capable of producing between 960 and 1200 watts in full sun.

Some apartment owners may prefer to install a smaller solar array and purchase electricity from their utility when the system cannot meet their daily power needs.

To figure out how many panels you would need in your situation, multiply your monthly energy usage by 0.75 (which is 75% of peak sun hours), then divide this answer by 300 watts per hour to get the number of panels.

The number of solar panels will increase if you also want to use your air conditioning in the summer or if your monthly energy usage is higher than average. The number of solar panels to run your AC fully on solar power will be different than the number of solar panels needed to just power an apartment.

How to Live Off the Grid in An Apartment

The first method is using solar panels on the roof of your building or outside space available for the installation of equipment. This option requires not only permission from management but also approval by local authorities as well as an expert team to properly install it.

Another way to live off the grid in an apartment is by installing one or more solar batteries that store energy collected during the day when there’s enough sunlight coming through windows or skylights. Solar batteries are worth it because the stored electricity will be used at night or during a power outage.

The final option is having a portable solar panel that powers devices inside your home. This small device can easily fit on an apartment window and provides enough energy for all of your basic appliances.

This portal solar panel is easy to move from window to window and is not connected in any way. Just set it out on a sunny day and let the sun do all of the work for you!

Will a Solar Panel Work Through a Window?

Solar panels will work through a window but they will not be as effective. The type of glass used in windows is thin enough for the sun’s rays to shine through them.

This means that sunlight can also pass through standard-thickness double glazing or single panes which are up to six centimeters thick.

A window that looks like it will be able to allow sunlight through may not always do so because sometimes windows are tinted or covered in reflective coatings. The coating will bounce the sunlight back into your room, sometimes straight through another window or off of an interior wall.

When determining whether solar panels will work for you, look at the configuration of windows in your apartment and their orientation to direct light from the sun indoors. If there are only a few north-facing windows that receive little exposure during part of the day, solar panels will not be a good choice.


Final Thoughts

There are many benefits to solar panels for your apartment, but there may also be problems with having them installed in an apartment complex.

Consider the pros and cons of installing a solar panel before you make the decision on whether or not it is right for you.

Remember that even with bad credit, it is still possible to get solar panels for your apartment.

With some research and consideration, you can find out if this is something that will work well for your apartment or not.

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