Ring Solar Panel Is Not Working? 8 Common Culprits and Fixes

A Ring Doorbell needs power, and usually, it is powered by a solar panel that you can install on your roof or garden. However, the solar panel or your Ring can malfunction and not work. What may cause your Ring solar panel to not work?

There may be several reasons why your Ring solar panel is not working:

  • The solar panel may be dirty
  • The solar panel may have wiring issues
  • The solar panel is not placed well
  • The solar panel is faulty
  • The solar panel may not be compatible with your Ring doorbell
  • The solar panel is not getting enough sun
  • The battery may be faulty
  • The Ring doorbell itself is faulty

This article explores possible reasons why your Ring solar panel does not work. It then shares some possible solutions you can try to fix the faults.

Why Doesn’t My Ring Solar Panel Work?

Generally, your Ring solar panel may not work due to similar issues that cause solar panels not to generate electricity well. These may include shades, dirt, or wrong positioning.

It could also point to a larger problem, such as a faulty battery or wiring, or something is wrong with the solar panel and your Ring doorbell itself.

Depending on your Ring doorbell version, most of them are installed on the front door and connected to a solar panel that will charge it and keeps it running. However, it could fail for various reasons:

The Solar Panel Is Not Getting Enough Sun

The first point of fault you want to check is this. Place your panels in places where it does not get enough sun. The panel will not be able to generate enough electricity to power your Ring doorbell.

Another reason could be the weather. Suppose the weather has been cloudy or overcast. In that case, chances are your solar panels are not getting enough sun to generate electricity. Consider waiting until a sunnier day, and see if the problem persists.

The Solar Panel May Be Dirty

Your solar panel can only generate electricity when the panel receives direct sunlight at the right angle. Since solar panels are placed outdoors, they may pick up dirt from rain, dust, and things such as tree sap over time.

If there are things on top of the solar panels, the panels may not perform well. Sunlight may not penetrate through the dirt and into the panels.

If you suspect this is the issue, consider cleaning your solar panels. You do not need any specialized equipment. In fact, you can clean your panels using household cleaners such as baking soda, alcohol, or toothpaste.

The Solar Panel Is Not Placed Well

Aside from dirt, your solar panel may also have been placed in the wrong location. This may be an issue if you just installed your Ring doorbell and are unsure where to place the solar panel. 

Suppose you had the solar panel installed long ago, and it has been delivering power well to your Ring doorbell. In that case, it may have been dislodged from its normal position.

Strong winds, rains, or snow deposits on the roof may cause this. For example, you may have accidentally adjusted it while water-blasting your roof.

The Solar Panel May Not Be Compatible With Your Ring Doorbell

This may be a rare situation, but it can still happen. This is especially if you are trying to cobble up your Ring doorbell with another set of solar panels. For example, some people may try to see if they could wire in a solar panel to power a dry-cell-operated Ring doorbell.

This could also happen if you are just plain unlucky that you get incompatible panels and bells in your box. This is a fault on the manufacturer’s side, so you should easily get replacements.

The Solar Panel Is Faulty

On a more serious side of things, if your Ring solar panel is not working, then it could be that the solar panel itself is faulty. Solar panels can break for many reasons, whether physical damage or age. 

To confirm this, consider physically inspecting the solar panel to see if there is visible physical damage. If you can, use a voltmeter to test and see if the panels are generating electricity.

The Solar Panel May Have Wiring Issues

At times the wiring that connects the solar panel with the Ring doorbell unit may have faults. Wiring damage can happen for many reasons. Extreme weather may freeze or melt wires, and pests like squirrels or rats may chew on the wires. 

It may make sense to check the wiring to ensure it does not display any visible physical damage to confirm this. If there are signs of physical damage, consider replacing the wiring. This should fix the issue.

The Battery May Be Faulty

If the panel and wiring are confirmed to work, then the next point of possible fault is the battery. The battery can lose its capability to hold charges over the years as it gets charged and recharged. 

If you have used your Ring doorbell for some time, chances are a dead and old battery is causing the system to not work. You can replace the battery yourself, although it may require some DIY tinkering.

Your Ring Doorbell Is Faulty

Finally, if everything is confirmed to not have any issues, but your Ring doorbell is not working, it could be your doorbell itself. 

If this is happening, check and see if there is still any warranty left on the device. If yes, call in and see if you can install a replacement unit. If not, you may need to curse your luck since you will need to purchase another Ring doorbell with your own cash.

Final Thoughts

Please remember that a Ring solar panel that is not charging can be frustrating, but it is not the end of the world. There are several reasons why your Ring panel may not be working, but most of them can be easily fixed.

Ensure that your panel is clean, correctly placed, and compatible with your Ring doorbell. Check the wiring, battery, and doorbell for faults, and consider contacting Ring support for further assistance.

With a little patience, troubleshooting, and by following the tips outlined above, you can get your Ring doorbell back up and running in no time.

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